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What is Better Than a Hotel in Tuscany?

A Tuscany Farmhouse

A tour of Tuscany can take you to many places and when touring this unique and amazing land, you will ultimately have to find a place to rest your weary head. Most tourists traditionally seek out hotels and villas to rent while they are touring around. However, more tourist are looking to truly envelope themselves in their Tuscan adventure by staying in more humble accommodations. A Tuscany Farmhouse is the ideal place to enjoy yourself during your stay.

What Exactly is a Tuscan Farmhouse?

When visiting Tuscany, it is important to remember that agriculture has always been a part of the landscape in this country. Farmers have traditionally grown their own food along with a variety of wineries and olive farms. The landscape is dotted with rural depictions of both modern and traditional life here in Tuscany. These days, tourists are giving the opportunity to take part in everyday life on these farms through Tuscan Farmhouse rentals. Tourists have the opportunity to see a part of Tuscany that can be missed when only staying in the larger cities.

What is the Difference?

We live in a unique world these days. More homeowners from around the world are opening their doors to tourists and allowing them to stay in homes and unique accommodations to provide a different experience than the general hotel variety stays. A Tuscan farmhouse follows the same concept. However, the range of farmhouse stays in Tuscany vary greatly by the level of luxury a renter is looking for.

Some farm stays stick true to the rural roots and offer very little in luxuries, but there are those that provide essentially everything that a high end hotel would provide, but without the barrage of other tourists taking over the pool and amenities. When booking any farmhouse in Tuscany, be sure to inquire about the level of luxury for your stay. Once you find the right farmhouse for your Tuscan adventure, you will never go back to a simple hotel or villa again.

Why Are Farmhouses So Popular with Tourists?

A Tuscan Farmhouse has many attributes that appeal to a wide range of tourists. For those looking for a simple style Farmhouse, many times the owners are on the property and allow tourists to help with everyday farming chores. It is a unique way to learn a new skill or simply get away from our normal technologically advanced lifestyles. Most farmhouses will have the basic amenities such as electricity, heat, and air conditioning, but it is unlikely, due to their very rural location. However, there are some luxury farmhouses that will have Wi-Fi access.

Farmhouse called “Agriturismo”

“Agriturismi” are also attractive to large groups. Farmhouses that cater to larger groups are ideal for family reunions, weddings, and any other large scale get together they may want to have. They are larger, on average, than a standard villa with plenty of space for everyone to spread out both indoors and outdoors as well. Tuscany Farmhouses are among the most affordable Tuscan Accommodations for both large and small groups with every level of luxury available.

Great for Kids

Kids these days are more attracted to their technological devices rather than going outside. A farmhouse stay in Tuscany for your family or group can change all that, if only for a little while. Farmhouse stays offer youth the chance to enjoy the land for what it is rather than staring at their phone screen. These farmhouses in Tuscany can sometime offer specific tasks for young children and teens to help get them involved and excited about nature and what it can bring.

Understanding how animals and humans work the land to bring food to the table is something they will take with them throughout their lives. Seeing farm life depicted on a computer screen through a video is one thing, but it is nothing compared to what can seen when enjoying life on a farm in a Tuscany Farmhouse. There are so many teachable moments in a farmhouse, so it is the perfect time to bring the kids along for the experience.

How Do You Find the Right One?

You can spend hours combing over the many accommodation rental sites available on the internet today. But many times, you can never be truly sure what type of farmhouse you will get. A better way of finding your ideal Farmhouse in Tuscany is through Tuscany Untouched Tours. We offer a wide range of Farmhouse opportunities for you, your family, or your large groups. When you book through us, you can rest assured, you will get what you want. Additionally, we offer a wide array of Tuscany tour opportunities to make your trip all that it can be. Let us help your Tuscany Farmhouse experience amazing. Trust Tuscany Untouched Tours for all your Tuscan tour needs.