About us

Matteo Piccardi

Hi, I’m Matteo, I was born and raised in Castelfranco di Sopra, a little village 30 minutes outside Florence. My favourite thing about my hometown is how small it is - everybody knows everyone, which gives it a great community feel. Plus, the countryside is really beautiful.

I actually attended art school in Florence, but since my early 20s, I’ve worked for a number of well-known travel agencies and tour operators. It was working for them where I found a real passion for leading tour groups, and I’ve been a tour manager and driver since 2016. 

I love what I do because I get to share my experiences of the different locations we visit as well as the beautiful food, wine, and culture with other people and tell them interesting stories about the local people. 

During my time working as a tour operator, I frequently saw the excitement visitors had when we helped them discover places off the beaten track that other tourists are completely unaware of. 

This gave me the idea of developing more customized and personal tours that offer a privileged few the chance to see the real Tuscany that is known only to the locals. 

Now, together with my wife, Laura, I provide visitors with a memorable experience that showcases the very best of what Tuscany has to offer in a relaxed, informal and fun way. 

My favourite place is Chiassaia, which is a tiny village built on the rock of a local mountain with stunning views. There’s a church and a small shop where they produce amazing homemade Focaccia bread. People are willing to travel for over an hour to visit, because it’s very authentic - no matter what’s happening around the world, they’ve kept things the same for generations.

I love Tuscany because it’s beautiful. Wherever you go there is always a piece of history. The landscape is second to none and we have the best wine in the world. Tuscany truly has everything you could possibly ask for and I believe it’s a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. 

Paolo Zanibelli

Hi, I’m Paolo! I was born in Venezia and raised in Toscana, which I love for its incredible history and nature. I’ve been a tour guide for 20 years now, and I love getting to show visitors how beautiful our land is. 

I love nothing more than wandering around cities, taking in the art and discovering any beautiful corner. The Tuscany countryside is beautiful and the wine can’t be beat, so getting to be a guide for visitors in this beautiful place is a privilege.

I definitely love everything about Toscana. My land is so special because it's the most beautiful place in the world,  and guests love coming on tours with me because I have countless stories to share, no matter where we visit. 


Our mission is to surprise and delight our customers by delivering a unique experience so magical they won't want to leave.

With Tuscany Untouched, we strive to exceed all of your expectations. From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel like part of the family - this isn't just a tour, it's the beginning of a wonderful relationship with us and our beautiful country.

Our Tour Guide business is different because we limit each tour group to a maximum of eight people, so we can guarantee that we offer personalized tours that give every member of the group the undivided attention they deserve. 

Join us on a journey of discovery where you’ll become part of an authentic Tuscan family and explore one of the most wonderful places on earth from an insider’s perspective.