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Tuscany Craft Beer Tours

If you think traveling through Italy is all about the wine, think again – Italy is actually ranked 3rd in the world for the number of microbreweries. And in Tuscany specifically, a Tuscany beer tours  is as rich and unique a part of the culture as the local food and wine.

We want to share the Tuscan craft beer experience with you. Here is everything we love about craft beer in Tuscany, and why you should be interested.

Local Flavours

Just like with their food and wine, what makes craft beer in Tuscany so special is the incorporation of so many local flavours.

For ages, Tuscans have been producing beer with anything and everything they can find around them – the result is an appealing and unique flavour palette.

Local grains and honey go into the brewing process, as does saffron, sapa (a traditional sweetener derived from wines), and even more unusual local ingredients, like potatoes and berries.

One of the most striking local flavours you will find in Tuscan beer tours comes from chestnuts. The chestnut is a traditional staple of Tuscan food and is widely celebrated throughout the region. Chestnuts give the beer a rich, aromatic flavour and a pleasant golden tone.

Craft Beers You Need to Try

There are so many options, it is tough to pick just a few. But nobody has time to sample all of the craft beers in Tuscany – so we have done our best to narrow it down to this list of a few of our absolute favorite Tuscan beers, sorted by the city they were produced in.Most of these beers are available at microbreweries and pubs across the region. Of course, if you are staying in the city where a particular beer is produced, we recommend sampling it while you are there.

Again, there are so many great craft beer options in Tuscany that we couldn’t possibly put them all on one list. But if you go, these are a few that you absolutely must try.

Craft Beer Highlights and Events

Like a lot of the local foods and flavours in Tuscany, craft beer is celebrated throughout the region. There are tons of special events throughout the year that give travelers a chance to taste more beer and learn all about it.

Fall and Winter:

There aren’t quite as many craft beer festivals and celebrations in the colder months, but there are still a few worth checking out.

The Birraio dell’Anno festival takes place in Florence every January. It’s a great place to taste local beers and get to know the top beers of the year.

In September, you can check out the BeeRiver festival in Pisa. Sample both well-established and newer craft beers, along with some tasty local treats.

Spring and Summer:

You will find the most beer-tasting events and festivals in Tuscany during the warmer months. In May, head to Prato for A Tutta Birra, and stop by Lucca for Il Senso Della Birra in June.

July is the busiest month of the year for craft beer events.

Here are just a few highlights of the month:

Hop Summer Fest in Livorno

Vulcano di Birra – Craft Beer Festival in Grossetto

 Villaggio della Birra in Siena

 Un Bagno di Birra in Siena

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of the best beer tasting events in the region. Firmanto Birra is a great source for keeping track of everything beer-related going on in Tuscany.


 We hope this post was able to at least pique your interest in Tuscany beer tours.

If you are interested in experiencing the taste of Tuscany first-hand, we welcome you to join us on an exciting tour that will take you throughout Tuscany, and give you the opportunity to try some of the amazing local craft beers along the way.

Remember, traveling in Tuscany is not (just) about the wine. Craft beer in Tuscany could be your next exciting tourist experience.