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Italy has carved itself a solid reputation

producing olive oils of the highest qualityFor producing olive oils of the highest quality and this reputation is fully justified. Some of the world’s most renowned oils come from Tuscany, and the area’s single-estate bottled oils are the most coveted and expensive.

The flavor of olive oils is dictated by the type of olive tree, the soil in which it is planted, and the amount of sunshine and rainfall it is exposed to during the growing season. Italy is home to a variety of olive trees, and they each offer olives of unique characteristics. The majority of the trees that are grown in Tuscany are Taggoasca, Frantoio, Pendolio, Moraiolo, Leccino, and Maurino.

More recently, the science community has confirmed what Italian and Greek people have known for centuries. As far back as ancient Greece, olive oils were commonly used to create massage oils that were subsequently used to remedy skin issues. Olive oil, especially pure extra-virgin olive oil, is known to act as a powerful antioxidant and an important source of monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are beneficial to health because they reduce cholesterol and are good for our hearts and general wellbeing. However, as well as being a notable food ingredient, olive oil is also commonly used in cosmetics, soaps, and moisturizers.

Research has indicated that, in addition to being beneficial to human health when ingested, olive oil can also protect human skin against the free radicals that cause aging. Olive oil contains a notable amount of tocopherols and polyphenols such as Vitamin E. Furthermore, it is of a low acidity and can be readily metabolized by the human body, making it ideal as a cosmetic ingredient.

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While many people may not readily associate extra-virgin olive oil with cosmetics, it has a long history of being used in cosmetics of all types. The emollient and nutritive properties of olive oil entail that is commonly used in lotions, moisturized, masks, and oils that are produced to improve the condition of hair and skin. It is generally accepted that the more simple the pressing process by which the oil used in cosmetics is extracted from the olive, the higher its quality and the more beneficial it is as a cosmetic ingredient.

Many cosmetics companies have harnessed the natural powers of “green gold” in novel products that have been a significant success. Men and women alike have acknowledged the many benefits of creams and lotions that incorporate olive oils.

One very popular application of olive oil is within an oil and honey bath, within which one half a cup of honey is added to one cup of extra-virgin olive oil and a neutral soap. Alternatively, some people cover their skin in extra-virgin olive oil before taking a shower. Both of these treatments can counteract the damage caused by the pollutants we are exposed to in the contemporary world through regenerating the fatty layer of our skin, nourishing it, and restoring its elasticity.

Olive oils are also commonly used in miniaturization packs that are applied to treat damaged and dry hair. The oil can be massaged into damp hair and left to soak for ten-fifteen minutes before being rinsed clean with a neutral shampoo.

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