Tuscany Bird watching and walking tours

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Tuscany bird watching
Tuscany bird watching

Why bird-watch in Italy?

Regardless of whether you are an amateur Tuscany bird watcher or a seasoned specialist, Italy has a vast amount to offer. The old axion that there’s nothing to see here except house sparrows could not be further from the truth! Every year, more wildlife-lovers are discovering the over 500 bird species that live in this diverse country. From beautiful songbirds to striking waterfowl, Italy will amaze and fascinate any and all bird-lovers.

Tuscany Bird watching in Italy is immensely rewarding at any time of the year. ‘The Boot’ forms a bridge over the Mediterranean and is home to a huge variety of wild habitats, making it perfect for some of Europe’s rarest species of nesting bird. Here, you can see species unique to the country or catch a glimpse of overseas visitors as they make their extraordinary migration to or from Africa. And where better to enjoy sensational bird-watching than in a nation famed for its culture, history, delicious food and drink and captivating beauty. Complement your love of birds with sensational meals and trips to ancient abbeys and charming historic villages. With a professional guide to show you wonders you won’t find in the guidebooks, you are guaranteed a memorable experience.

Discover the magic of Tuscany

There is no better place to take a walking or hiking tour than Tuscany. The region is stunningly diverse and steeped in history, offering beautiful cities and villages, fantastic local wines and food and simply magnificent scenery. Sophisticated travelers have been flocking to Tuscany for centuries drawn by the vast amount to see and do here. You will find that each area of Tuscany has its own character is defined by unique traditions, and no trip to this region is ever the same.

It is this diversity and the wonders to be found around each corner that makes Tuscany such a superb walking destination. Moreover, the trails in the region cater for walkers of all abilities. You can opt for a peaceful walk around the countryside or a lake or along the region’s coastal beaches or take a more challenging hike up rolling hills and majestic mountains. We research all our walks in detail to ensure that you have the experience you want. Our Tuscany bird watching enable you to sample true Tuscan culture and take you through some of the region’s most exceptional areas. Explore both world-famous sites and secret spaces that lie off the beaten track. Your itinerary can be tailor-made to your requirements and our guides can lead you on highly flexible tours that give you the chance to explore your surroundings organically. Our goal is simple: to provide you with an unforgettable, authentic experience of Tuscany supported by a knowledgeable local guide.

Tuscany bird watching

Bringing Italy closer with local experts

The natural history guides we have partnered with have years of experience in bird-watching and are experts in finding the most interesting birding areas in Italy. Our guides are passionate about science and nature and have traveled across the globe in pursuit of our feathered friends and other wildlife. These seasoned professionals will help you design a tailored bird-watching experience that will be entirely unique to you and utterly unforgettable

Our expert guide: Marco Valtriani

Tuscany bird watchingWith a biology degree from the University of Pisa, majoring in ornithology, Marco is an accomplished environmental consultant and hiking guide. He completed his degree thesis on the dunlin of the Mediterranean Basin and the sandpiper’s ecology and has since collaborated on a range of environmental impact research papers, environmental and ecology education projects and wildlife surveys. Marco has also authored several popular articles and scientific studies on central Italy’s birds and their natural landscapes, and is the co-author of numerous guides to the wildlife, trails and natural habitats of Tuscany. He began his work as a birding guide in 1999 and has worked in Italy and beyond with various British and US nature tourism travel companies. Now, Marco lives near the Tuscan city of Arezzo with his family and spends his leisure time uncovering unknown habitats as well as new features of familiar spaces.

Bird-watching in Italy

Our website is designed for all those seeking to discover Italy through its incredible birdlife. Our guides will take you to the country’s most interesting and beautiful bird-watching spots as well as a range of destinations that showcase the best of ‘the Boot.’ You will quickly come to see why this country is a top destination for the spirited traveler.

Walking and hiking in Tuscany

We know Tuscany inside and out. Our guides will take you to the region’s most breath-taking scenery and most interesting cultural spaces. Each trip to Tuscany is unique and our in-depth research ensures that you will treasure your Tuscan visit for a lifetime. We do not offer established itineraries for you to pick from; in creating an itinerary, you guide us. Tell us about the experience you would like and we will create a tour specifically tailored to you meet your expectations.

In partnership with biologist and incurable nature-lover Marco Valtriani, we create tailored walking and hiking tours in Tuscany and Tuscany bird watching tours throughout Italy. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of travel within Italy and Marco’s extensive knowledge of the natural world, our tour packages are entirely unique and truly exceptional.

Tailor your unique tour with Marco

We will create an unrivalled vacation experience that will show you a side of Tuscany so very few travellers get a chance to sample for themselves.